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Foods That Help Fight Depression

Fortunately for us, there are many foods that help fight depression. I personally do the simple rule of thumb for maintaining a good fitness routine by eating well balanced meals.

When looking for foods that fight depression, we have to be careful in getting caught up in "too many" details of food items to ensure we get the right level of vitamins, minerals, and chemical-enhancing characteristics.

There are three major exceptions...

There are three very important foods to avoid: Processed sugars, caffeine, and alcohol.

These exceptions are key to getting rid of depression.

Many foods that are bad for the body, such as carbs and sugars are also foods that seem to help fight depression--temporarily anyway. These of course have the effect of taking vitamins from your body, reducing your body's immune system, and in the long run causing depression.

On the other hand, many foods great for the body are said to be bad for depression.

So I recommend disregarding very specific menus that analyze every molecular component of a food. The world provides foods for us to enjoy in a well balanced manner.

The gist of this list of foods that help fight depression is to eat a well proportioned and balanced diet of proteins and carbs, to include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Good Foods

A rule of thumb for good mental and physical fitness is to eat throughout the day. Not just three times a day.

This does not mean you double up on the amount of food you eat. Rather you divide your meals about 5 to 6 times a day, always in some equal proportion of protein and carbs.

If you just start working out, as I suggested in this website, you'll find yourself hungrier. This is good, and you want to eat more well nutritious meals to support brain and muscle growth, and your increased metabolism.

Excellent Foods That Help Fight Depression

Here are some excellent foods that help fight depression that you should fit in to your regular meals.

  • Fatty Fish. Specifically fish that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are linked in preventing depression as well as improving the brain's memory, performance, and behavioral function.
    Herring, mackerel, salmon, tuna halibut are the most popular fish high in Omega 3, however there are many varieties to choose from.
    The downside to fish is that they usually contain mercury, so the general recommendation is to eat two servings per week of Omega 3 rich fish.
  • Omega 3 Alternatives. Other sources of Omega-3 help depression such as flax seed, walnuts, and collard, turnip, and mustard greens, as well as dark green leafy vegetables. Although these foods do not provide as much omega 3 as the fish they are excellent alternatives.
  • Chicken and turkey. These happen to be my personal favorites. Poultry tends to be the preferred source of protein for workout buffs, but also have the characteristic of producing serotonin, considered to be the "happy hormone."
  • Dark Vegetables. Spinach and peas are good examples of dark vegetables that also have serotonin producing effects.
  • Hmmm, Chicken and Veggies. Talk about a Happy Meal... :-)

  • Sweet Potatoes. This is another favorite carbohydrate food among people who workout. Not only is it good in taste, good source and carb producing energy, but also contains folate and vitamin B6. Both of these known to support our brain's neurotransmitter's balance.
  • Iron rich foods. Depression is often the symptom of iron deficiency. Meat is the easiest and richest source of iron, although many people are worried about carcinogens you can prepare your meats to reduce carcinogens.

    Editor's Note: Meat carcinogens can be greatly reduced by:1) precooking your meats for 10 minutes in the microwave. 2) Adding vitamin E either in powder or open a capsule of vitamin E oil onto your meat while cooking. 3) Season with garlic, sage and rosemary before cooking. 4) Cook with virgin olive oil. 5) Do not cook your meat very well done. Well-done meats have increased carcinogen levels.

    Other great alternatives for iron are legumes, quinoa, kale and other green leafy vegetables.
  • Vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Vitamin C sources such as sweet red pepper, oranges, strawberries, brussels sprouts and broccoli are examples of foods with highest source of this essential vitamin.

So there you have it, foods that help fight depression. A few items for your kitchen repertoire.

This list is not all inclusive, but it is a good start, and there's an endless amount and variety of foods that you can eat.

The point is that you eat a healthy variety of foods that help fight depression. Low fat meals, to include your fruits and vegetables, spread out about 5 to 6 times a day.

For some people it may seem too much food to include such variety of meals.

I would ask, how many times have we gorged on burgers and fries on one sitting? I know I used to do that sort of thing.

Why? Because I had not eaten for 5 hours prior and my body was hungry! Of course I was going to eat anything that is put in front of my face.

Now days I am always healthily well fed, never hungry, and it is so much easier to say "no thank-you" to the fast food joints as I drive by them.

Besides, if you follow your other depression self help techniques, especially exercising will increase your appetite considerably. And you'll want to maintain a source of vitamin rich foods that help fight depression to support your physical and "brain" growth.

Yes, this program supports brain growth, because you are exercising and feeding your body and mind.

Notice that I never recommended processed foods or meals found in fast food restaurants.

Processed foods have so many foreign, unnatural ingredients that affect your body and mind in so many ways, that it's best to stay away from them. Sorry!

Juggling Chef

Many of these foods give you unbalanced highs, and subsequent lows. Not good for somebody who is trying to regulate their moods.

Stay with what is healthy.

I eat a lot, because I workout and have developed a higher metabolism. And still I maintain minimum body fat.

If you like to eat, you don't have to cut back on meals. Just eat more healthy, lean, non-fatty meals; and eat more often throughout the day.

If you feel just a bit hungrier, fill the belly with some yummy fruits and fresh cut up veggies.

Follow my depression self help guidance in this website and your new well-fed, healthy body will connect to your new healthy mind.

Live well, eat well, and enjoy your wonderful new strong, energetic, and happier life. :-)

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