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I do not know if this is how all 18 year old would feel. In a single word Trapped. Old enough to get out of bed and make my own breakfast and wear clothes

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Music Medicine

I can't express the importance of music to me. I don't ask to be happy. I just don't want to be depressed. I spent two months in mental hospital for two

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I'm a Failure

Do you feel like a failure? Good for you!

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Mrs Shin

I am only beginning to understand depression, although it's been coming and going my whole life. I have just awakened to how depression makes you selfish,

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How To Help Depression: The One Minute Meditation

Learn how to help depression with one minute meditation

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Israel & Hollywood Collaborate in a New and Inspiring Project About DPD (Depersonalization and panic disorder)

Hello, I hope this message finds you well. My Name is Barak, and I'm a filmmaker from Israel. As a filmmaker and as a viewer I feel there is a need to

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Thank you!

I have just finish reading your tips and I already feel better. Thank you! With these tips on track I can face my pronlems. Doesn't dealing with other

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Fight with Mom

Hey guys ,1day I was studying and after sometime I went to the kitchen and ate. Food .after this I decided to do late nyt studies but my mother was watching

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Depressed for Success

I am currently at the beginning of a new project. I've been dealing with clinical depression since I was 11. Meds are not enough, but I have seen how

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Pastor Rick Warren's Son Suicide

Pastor Rick Warren's Son Suicide: Lessons learned for depression self help.

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