How To Help Depression With The One Minute Meditation

I'll tell you of a simple way on how to help depression. Do a one minute meditation.

Can you really meditate for one minute?

Some may say you can't. But if you are new to meditation, you'd be surprised how short meditation sessions can be.

I remember my first formal guided meditation in College. I felt like I traveled to some far away land, where everything is complete relaxation, hung out, enjoyed the view, and returned.

I was amazed when I figured out I was meditating for only five minutes.

The 1 minute meditation is quite simple and can help you stay grounded during those busy days when you don't seem to have time for more. Here it is:

Simply find a comfortable and quiet spot, close your eyes and take four slow, deep breaths through your nose.

That's it!  The four deep breaths take roughly about one minute.

Breathing through your allows you to get more oxygen into your lungs.

The one minute meditation is a wonderful and powerful tool you can use to ground yourself, and take the edge off those busy times of our lives.

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