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Hello and welcome to my depression help website. Here I share natural depression self help treatments that I personally used to get rid of my own depression. 

Please note this is not a sales page or a gimmick to sell anything.  Although I do recommend some optional literature and tools to fight depression, the information shared on this website is genuine and free! 

I suffered with major depression for 20-plus years, and got rid of depression within a week.

Yes, a week! You can do it too...

Antidepressants will never do that for you.  They do not take effect for months, and most do not work and have horrible side effects.

I'm not saying antidepressants are not helpful.  They serve a purpose, but there are far better options...

I used to be depressed, sometimes terribly depressed. I used every type of anti-depressant out there.  Even the sight of my children laughing and playing wouldn't change my mood.

But not anymore. I've learned how to free myself from depressing thoughts.

You can do this too. I know you can. I'm going to show you how.

I am providing the alternative to a medicated life. Depression self help treatments that provide natural, healthy feelings and well being. To live fully and be part of life as you should.

If you suffer from depression, try these depression self help techniques. Get your life back and break free from depression for good.

Can you imagine what it is like to be filled with joy when you see your child smile?

Picture yourself watching your child play and feeling the world is OK. Instead of feeling depressed you feel happy. Your child is happy. The world really is OK...

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Now imagine having that feeling anytime you want. Sound impossible? It's not...

I found the right combination of depression self help treatments that changed my life.

The process to find an effective cure was lengthy. I did this by researching existing scientific methods and my own trial and error with natural remedies to fight my own depression.

I have found these techniques so effective, and I'm so amazed at the results of my new life. I knew I needed to help others who struggle with depression. Anyone with any level of depression can benefit.

Years of the best therapy money could buy did not do for me, what the depression information I am showing you did.

Living depression-free and enjoying life to the fullest is absolutely possible. These depression help techniques are a set of habits anybody can do.

These techniques are easy. However, to truly get rid of depression, it takes discipline! You have to put in the effort.

I know you can do it! If you came this far in your own research, then you have it in you.

I Love my New Life! Not only do I enjoy life to the fullest (I know what that means now), but positive events and coincidences automatically happen to me all the time now.

Just remember. Depression self help takes discipline, because you are fighting against learned behavior. Behavior and habits ingrained for years, since you were a child.

The key to get rid of depression is to,

First, interrupt depression patterns, and

Second, introduce a new set of healthy patterns.

Sound easy? Well it is!

Here's How To Become Depression Free

This website is designed as a depression self help program. It is provided free! Here are the steps to fully take advantage of this website:

  • Learn about depression first. The first step in depression self help is to learn about depression.
    To fight depression first know what you are fighting. Go to the depression information page. You'll find the depression information you need to start your way into depression self help.
  • Follow the treatments for depression. I have included the specific steps to end depression.
    Follow the depression help treatments for powerful and effective ways to end depression forever.
  • Get continuous help. Get continuous advice and updates on natural depression self help. Sign up for our free newsletter and blog. They'll help you keep on track.

It takes commitment and discipline to keep your new learned habits. I am here to support you all the way.

The newsletter has depression help tips, stories, and further help with insights on how to fight depression, and how to practice and further your development of your new skills.

The blog will give you updates and new information added to this site. 

So open up your heart and see your future...

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 Who am I? 

Come on over and meet me.  I would love to hear what kinds of things you'd like to see on this depression help site and what you'd like to learn from others in our community.

What have you pulled your hair out trying to find online?  I'd love to hear from you.

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