Israel & Hollywood Collaborate in a New and Inspiring Project About DPD (Depersonalization and panic disorder)

by Barak Shavit


I hope this message finds you well.

My Name is Barak, and I'm a filmmaker from Israel.
As a filmmaker and as a viewer I feel there is a need to explore Depersonalization and panic disorder in movies.
These are very common issues we face every day, yet we we hardly ever see them been explored on the big screen and miss a huge opportunity to share tools to cope and to increase awareness.

In the past few months my wonderful team and I are working to change that. With the help of Hollywood actor Jsu Garcia We started producing a short film exploring mind and consciousness.
I think it is not only desirable but indeed necessary to see movies about mind and consciousness. Here is the teaser:

I approach you because I feel that we aim for the same goals, and aspire to expand awareness so that our lives, our dear ones
lives and our environment will improve.

Our project is now on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. If you would find it relevant and support worthy it will help us a lot if you would share
it and spread the word among your many followers. And of course that we would be happy to support in any way we can; we can interview
about DPD and PD and cinema, and how to encourage
consciousness art, and so on. If you have something in mind please do offer.

Please let me know what think.

Here is the link to our campaign:

Thank you very much!
Barak Shavit

Comments for Israel & Hollywood Collaborate in a New and Inspiring Project About DPD (Depersonalization and panic disorder)

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Jun 25, 2015
Glad to help
by: Otto

I'll gladly share your input. Thank you Barak, and good luck.

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