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Depression Self Help Info, Issue #008 -- Reported Reveals Mental Illness
April 06, 2013

Reporter Reveals Mental Illness

Recently in CNN news, there was an interview about U.S. reporter Annmarie Timmins revealing that she suffers with depression. See the CNN interview here, reporter reveals mental illness.

The report brought to light the incredible statistic that 26 percent of the state of New Hampshire residents suffer from a mental health disorder.

I admire Mrs. Timmins courage to share her story, to eliminate the taboo subject and give more folks the courage to talk about their issue, not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

Many of us, like Timmins, are professionals who are energetic at work, and have successful careers, but the home-front can be quite different. That energetic, fearless leader, becomes a fragile human being who suffers with symptoms of depression.

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It is unfortunate that such prevalent issue in the world, such as depression, is treated as taboo and something that is not shared and talked about.

In my personal example, when I finally went for professional help, not only did I find out I had depression, but that I had it for almost 20 years. That was 20 years lost with not even knowing that I could have started something to help myself.

So many people are on the same boat. Just like the reporter reveals mental illness, most of us do not want to be stigmatized by this issue. But help has to start somewhere...

We now know that there are very effective treatments for depression. The first step is knowing that you have depression, face the reality and seek knowledge, and self help. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. See a doctor and/or counselor.
  2. Learn about depression and your options--medicines, types of counseling, life-skills and tools, etc.
  3. Take action.
Be well, be happy, live depression free.

Do you have an opinion about this interview? Does it help those with depression? Please reply to this E-mail and share your views. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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