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Depression Self Help Info, Issue #007 -- About Those Supplements for Depression
February 28, 2013

About Those Supplements For Depression

Hi There,

I recently wrote and article about herbal supplements for depression and I want to tell you the rest of the story.

You can read the "Herbal Supplements for Depression" article here.

Although I've taken supplements before and they do seem to work, I usually keep away from them.

Why write a whole article about supplements? Well, I just want to present people with options.

I am super-health conscious, and still find myself going to fast food places at times. I do need to eat! But I do feel I digress with my health.

To tell you the truth I try to avoid vitamin pills and supplements because too many of them have side effects. I tried some multi-vitamins before, and they just made me nauseaus, unless I had a full stomach. I don't believe being nauseaus is healthy.

So how do you you get the essential vitamins and minerals?

Eat a good balanced meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Yes, it's that simple!

One exception, I do recommend taking the Omega 3 EPA and DHA supplements. So please do read the article for that.

How do you know that you have enough vitamins in you?

You don't. The only way is with a blood analysis. Even when you eat healthy, there is an epidemic of people with low vitamin D. But you should have your doctor test you for vitamin deficiencies before considering supplements.

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Be well, do good deeds, and be happy.

Otto from

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