How to End Depression

Eating is a wonderful habit, especially in western society where we can eat anything and everything we want.

Machines give out food at our immediate request --Twinkies and Nacho Cheese Chips anybody...? -- We live a life of abundance and bliss. Every day we have available to us any and all amounts of foods we want.

Before the industrialized modern world came to be, feasts were given on very special occasions, and few would be lucky to partake in such luxury.

Now days, we tend to feast every day!

I recently read an article from a Michael Ellsberg from Forbes online, who said he cured himself from bipolar disorder, by eliminating three ingredients in his diet: Processed sugar, coffee, and alcohol.

I am no doctor, but this is exactly what I did to get rid of my depression. And when I happen to indulge, and get in a caffeine habit--guess what?--I experience the symptoms of depression again.

But who can shut off such prevalent ingredients existent in every nook of our lives?

The 29 year old man with bipolar was inspired by a daring swimmer who wanted to establish a record by swimming the entire length of the Amazon river. The daring swimmer said, "I'll die trying." This sipmple and short statement was enough to spark the motivation to not touch sugar, coffee and alcohol for a year.

Eating right is a challenge. But avoiding certain ingredients can be harder than swimming the Amazon river.

You have to find your motivation. Think of taking on a challenge that you want really bad, that you would "die" trying for...

OK, so nobody wants you dying here, but you get the point. Challenge yourself to live healthier by following the depression self help action list.

I once was healthy and lucky enough to run a marathon. Years ago When a friend first challenged me to join him in his marathon training, I thought, who in their right mind wants to gruel over 26 miles of painful running? But I was motivated by the idea of helping my friend finish. Six months later, I completed my first marathon.

The most important thing that I learned while training for the marathon, was that if you can physically run one mile, you can do five. If you can run five miles, you can run 10. If you can run 10 miles, you can run 20. Your body can be ready, but your mind has to motivate you to finish.

Determination is key to finish a marathon, as well as living a healthy depression free life.

I say you go for it. Go for the determination to live healthy. Finishing a marathon is a lifetime achievement for some. So is the challenge of living a healthy life.

My Challenge To You:

Try two weeks without processed sugar, alcohol, and coffee.

Live your life, and enjoy your life the way you want it. The way you deserve it.

Live well, be happy, live life.